Nadra Fresh Cnic And Renewal of Expired CNIC

Nadra Fresh Cnic And Renewal of Expired CNIC


Detailed Application Procedure  


  • Data Acquisition at Data Acquisition Unit (DAU)
    • Issuance of Token
    • Photo Capturing
    • Thumb and Signatures
    • Data Acquisition by DEO
    • Form Printing
    • Attestation & Form Submission


                      No attestation is required for renewal cases.


Documentation Requirements

A CNIC applicant is required to produce the following documents at the time of application:
  • Birth Certificate or
  • Old NIC or
  • Matriculation Certificate or
  • CNICs of immediate/blood relatives

No documentary proof except the original CNIC is required to be submitted by the applicants, applying for their CNIC renewal.


A Person Commented on an online page
 i visit the NADRA office for my CNIC renewal they says give us your CNIC,Mother CNIC and Father CNIC.





Special Initiatives for Senior Citizens

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has decided to take special initiatives for senior citizens of Pakistan. According to a NADRA spokesman, the measures have been taken in light of the various difficulties that senior citizens have faced continuously over the past. According to the spokesman, citizens aged 65 years and above will no longer have to renew their cards, thus, saving them the inconvenience of the cumbersome process.



Make it confirm by calling  on UAN 111-786-100.



Delivery Time  


  • Normal - 30 days
  • Urgent - 15 days
  • FastTrack - 15 Days


Normal (Rs)
Urgent (Rs)
FastTrack (Rs)
FastTrack with Home Delivery* (Rs)
Fresh CNIC              0                       300                            1000                                     1100
Renewal                 75                    300                             1000                                     1100